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How to find and book student accommodation to study abroad

What student accommodation options are available for international students? What criteria should be focused on when deciding which student accommodation to choose?

You have decided to study abroad. You will now need a place to stay. The place you choose will be your home for the upcoming years. This is where you will sleep, eat, live and base your social life. Therefore, take a while to explore and research different types of student accommodations that the country has to offer before you make your decision.


Why do you need student accommodation?

Student accommodation is the place where the student will live. It is the environment that would eliminate student’s stress, increase confidence and allow the student to excel in the other areas of life. Good accommodation can have a positive effect on the student’s academic performance. The student accommodation is also used by a lot of students as a place to study since not all students prefer the library environment.

The accommodation is not only a place for the student to live study and have meals, but it is also the place where the student socializes with others and makes friends.


Why choose private accommodation?

There are many things to consider when deciding on the type of accommodation you choose to reside in. Even though university accommodation is the first call for new students, living in private accommodations can give you advantages that you will not have if you live at university accommodations like:


  • Living with people you know and understand so that you all get along well.
  • You do not have to clean anyone else’s mess or have awkward or forced conversations with your flat mate.
  • You can have a social life and invite friends over to your place.
  • Private student accommodations are much more comfortable as they have a separate kitchen and living room. It is practically like living in an actual house.
  • You can choose to opt for properties that suit your budget, while in the case of university halls, the budget is quite expensive and the price bracket is fixed.


Advantages of living in private student accommodations vs university halls:

If you go to university halls, you will get the basic essentials. While, if you choose to go for private student accommodations, you will get state-of-the-art facilities and more benefits than you ever have imagined. I am not talking about a good Wi-Fi connection and TV. These are available at any student residence notice. What I am talking about are cinema rooms, communal areas, study regions, game rooms, gymnasiums, etc.

The biggest advantage of private student accommodation is that all the above-mentioned facilities will be included in one monthly bill. Your maintenance, utilities as well as rent will all be taken care of in one amount that you pay every month.


What are the different types of private student accommodations?

There are many different types of private student commendations for the students to choose from depending on their budget and preferences like:


Ensuite student apartments

The ensuite student apartments can be shared between three or five of your friends and fellow students. Since the bathroom will be attached to the student room, you will not have to wait in line for the morning showers.


Student studio apartment

A student studio apartment has a bedroom, kitchen area, and bathroom. This type of space is perfect if you prefer peace and quiet. In the case of student studio apartments, you may have access to study rooms as well as recreational regions.


Dual occupancy flat or studios

This option is available in certain locations or with certain providers. You can either choose to live with your partner or your friend.



If you want to experience the culture and lifestyle of the country were moving to, then homestay is the perfect place for you. The families chosen by the providers are friendly and easy-going people who will make you feel welcome not only in the home but also in the country. You will have a student room of your own and will share meals with the family.


Advantages of homestays:


  • Great way to improve on the local dialect.
  • You will receive a furnished room in the home of your host
  • Amazing cultural exchange
  • You will be living with the family and this will feel less homesick
  • You will discover the local life and make new friends and build relationships.
  • You only pay for the residence, meals, and laundry services.
  • Comparatively much cheaper than other types of private student accommodations.


Student dorms

Private student dorms are perfect for you if you are an outgoing person and love to always be in the company of others. Private student dorms are generally located close to the universities and are perfect for new students. You get to make friends, share notes, and stay up all night with friends studying or prepping for an upcoming exam. Student dorms have easy access to public transport and provide lots of opportunities to make new friends belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.

Now that you know the different types of student accommodation that are available, let’s check the accommodation options available in different countries


Accommodation options in the UK

The United Kingdom is extremely rich in cultural heritage as well as academic facilitates. The universities are ready to welcome students for the 2021 academy year. There are many different student housing options available in the UK like:


  • Homestay programs
  • Private student dorms
  • Private student flats


Accommodation options in Australia

There is no doubt as to why Australia is one of the favorite student destinations. Australia has world-class universities like the Australian National University, University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney to name a few. The country has a rich cultural heritage and offers many different types of accommodation options available for international students like:


  • Homestay programs
  • Single or shared student rooms
  • Student apartments


Accommodation options available in the US and Canada

US and Canada receive their fair share of international students every year. These two countries are known for their high education standards. Most private accommodations are located close to the universities or have easily accessible transport options. The various types of private student accommodations available in these two countries are:


  • Homestay programs
  • Student dorms
  • Student Apartments


How does EasyAcco help in booking student accommodation?

The college years are crucial formative years of the student’s life. Living in the perfect accommodation can make a huge difference to the academic performance, social life as well as overall outlook of the student. Thus, choosing the right accommodation is of prime importance.

EasyAcco is your one-stop website where you can find private student accommodation in countries like Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, New Zealand, etc. You will find over a thousand housing options available for you to check on a single website. You can browse the available properties on the basis of the country, city, or region of your preference. EasyAcco has different types of student accommodations available like ensuites, student studios, student hotels as well as apartments.

When conducting your search through the EasyAcco website, you can also check for the availability of different features in the accommodation like


  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Air-conditioner in the room
  • Bicycle storage space
  • Car parking space
  • Availability of central heating
  • Common area
  • Cinema room
  • Games room
  • Gymnasium
  • Availability of housekeeping
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Lounge area
  • Mailboxes
  • Pet friendly or not
  • Availability of outdoor balcony
  • Study room
  • Support team
  • Concierge
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-Fi etc

The safety and security details as well as the amenities included in the student’s rent of each and every accommodation is also mentioned on the website.

The primary aim of EasyAcco is to help the students find suitable and comfortable accommodation as per their needs. The service provided by EasyAcco is completely free of charge to the students. If you choose accommodation via the EasyAcco website, the house owner or the accommodation owner will provide a certain amount of commission to EasyAcco.

Therefore, students do not need to worry about the service charges for EasyAcco. All they need to focus on is finding the perfect student housing where they will spend the college years of their lives.


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