10 Best Movie Theatres in Toronto for unique Movie Experience

10 Best Movie Theatres in Toronto for unique Movie Experience

10 Best Movie Theatres in Toronto for unique Movie Experience

10 Best Movie Theatres in Toronto for unique Movie Experience

Netflix on your phone isn’t always the best way to experience a film. To remind you of the joy of
watching films on the big screen with nothing but buttery popcorn in your hands, we’ve rounded
up the coolest movie theatres in the country. Here is a list of the best Movie Theatres in Toronto

Top 10 Movie Theatres in Toronto Canada

The Patricia Theatre

Best Theatres in Toronto
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The Patricia Theatre is located in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. The Patricia Theatre, which opened in 1913 as a silent movie house, is the oldest continuously operating movie theatre in Canada. The theatre’s historic aesthetic integrity and live-performance acoustics have been preserved despite the addition of digital equipment and surround sound. On Mondays (except during premiere weeks of new releases), the “Cheep-Cheep” ticket nights (except for Mondays during premiere weeks of new releases) drawback regulars. If you call in advance to reserve a box, the theatre is also wheelchair accessible.

TIFF Bell Lightbox

Best Theatres in Toronto

The Toronto International Film Festival isn’t the only event at these best Movie Theatres in Toronto. With five screens (plus comfortable seats), a film reference library, and a gift shop, the sleek and modern structure is the perfect place to catch retrospectives and new indie films. As soon as it opened in 2010, it quickly became a favorite among moviegoers. Lectures, other festivals, movie screenings, and other events are all offered year-round.

Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas

The Cineplex at Yonge-Dundas in Toronto is one of only five theatres in the country offering the 4DX experience for movies. This is why this is one of the best Movie Theatres in Toronto. Motion seats and other atmospherics such as “water, wind, lighting, scent, and more” deliver special effects in the most literal way possible… Is there a scent in the movie? You’re right. Rain-drenched characters? It might rain, so don’t forget to carry an umbrella when you leave your Student Accommodation Toronto (though you’ll need to keep your belongings safe to avoid disrupting the special effects).

Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre

Scotiabank Theatre was the first theatre to install Imax with Laser in 2014 (movies are sharper, brighter, and have the widest range of colors available) (movies are sharper, brighter, and have the widest range of colors available). RealD 3D films are also available, and DBOX (moving seats that follow the action on the screen). There’s also a bar for those who don’t need all the extras but still want a beer before the show. Is there one possible exception? When entering the theatres, you’ll have to deal with an infamous set of stairs or escalators—be sure to take the elevator if necessary.

The Paradise Playhouse

As well as showcasing movies like classics and auteur films, the newly remodeled Bloorcourt theatre also hosts events like concerts and comedy shows. Art Deco elements like glistening gold accents and scalloped bricks and a wall tile collection so stunning it has its hashtag, #TilesOfParadise, evoke memories of the theatre’s Art Deco heyday. A full-service restaurant is also available on-site, so you won’t have to leave the property for a bite.

The entire space is also fully accessible for blind or visually impaired people, thanks to the installation of Bluetooth wall beacons by Paradise in conjunction with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and an app called BlindSquare.

Bloor Hot Docs

Located in the Annex, this theatre also got a new makeover in recent years. They screen documentaries and recent releases and are generally overlooked in terms of their production values. In addition to serving as the permanent home of the annual Hot Docs festival, the Bloor plays host to a slew of other festivals, including TIFF. Fitzcarraldo and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, two classics of repertory cinema, are occasionally shown. Ticket prices start at C$11. Some special presentations and screenings at festivals are more expensive.

Those who grew up watching Rocky Horror Picture Show at the old Bloor Cinema will be happy to know that it is still in operation, albeit in a different guise.


Known and loved by locals and visitors alike, this charming Roncesvalles independent cinema has a colorful history. They show a wide range of films, from children’s fare to Oscar-nominated fare. They host a slew of entertaining, creative programmings, such as television shows, events, and festival-style gatherings.

Fox theatre

This old theatre can be found in the Beaches and is almost worth a visit just for the vintage marquee. Even though they’ve been around for more than a century, they’ve even been suspected of being haunted. Private events can be held in their venue, rented out.

An iconic venue that opened in 1914 to show black and white movies with no sound has been completely refurbished and now features comfortable, reclining seats (rather than the original hard wooden ones), an enormous screen, and a modern sound system capable of playing today’s high-tech movies. A small ticket booth, movie posters on the walls, a candy counter along with one side, and two tiny washrooms (with modern toilets and washbasins) at the far end of the foyer, just outside the seating area, retain the theater’s original charm.

Market Square Imagine Cinemas

One of the best-kept secrets of this independent chain of cinemas is the Front location. For film buffs, this is where to go to see the newest releases. You can get there easily, but it’s also tucked away in a quiet laneway next to a park, making it more private. Thus, there is no doubt that the Market Square Imagine Cinema ranks among the best Movie Theatres in Toronto.

These are the best movie theatres in Toronto where you can enjoy your favorite movie with your family or friends.

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