Edinburgh’s Best Student Pubs for Bar Hopping

Edinburgh’s Best Student Pubs for Bar Hopping

Edinburgh’s Best Student Pubs for Bar Hopping

Edinburgh is one of the must-visit destinations in the UK. Students who reside here fall in love with this temporary home, somewhat for its beautiful surroundings but also for its buzzing nightlife. Whether you are a Scottish student or you are visiting for the first time as an overseas student, there are some true hidden gems and well-loved pubs that welcome ‘gen-z’s’ with open arms. 

Let’s be real, not all pubs are welcoming to students, so navigating the city right the first time will guarantee you an unforgettable night. In this blog, we will share exactly what pubs you need to visit, where they are located, and what prices to expect! We are here to help you spend the leftover money you have from your student halls in Edinburgh. Spend it wisely and we hope you have one for us!

Three Sisters

Located in Edinburgh’s old town, Cowgate, Three Sisters Pub is one of the most loved and visited pubs in Edinburgh. A historic building teeming with history and energy, it features a spacious courtyard and an extensive range of food and drinks, not to mention the buzzing atmosphere that attracts young people to the masses. If you are looking for a modern twist on traditional pub entertainment, you will certainly be engaged here. From quiz nights to karaoke pods to live music to even DJs, you are sure to find an entertainment night that is best suited to you and your friend’s interests. Plus, it’s not too far from popular student housing in Edinburgh so that’s a bonus.

Price point: with student special discounts during the week, you can enjoy a refreshing drink after lectures accompanied by one of their delicious pizzas for as low as £4.50, which is a bargain, especially in this economy.

Location: Three Sisters is practically a walking distance away from all of the best bars and pubs in Edinburgh, so be sure to add it to your list!

Biddy Mulligans

Just because you are in Scotland doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the glory of a great Irish pub! Located in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh, Biddy Mulligans offers a warm and friendly atmosphere for students looking for a great selection of beers and cosy cuisine. With an outdoor paddock making it ideal for summer day drinking, students flock here all year round to take advantage of the lively Irish folk music and, of course, to gather for sports events to watch their favourite teams. Whether you are looking for a pub in Edinburgh to help kick off your expedition or you need a wholesome night finisher, Biddy Mulligans is the perfect spot for students.

Price: Students can enjoy 20% off all food. Their classic yet delicious pub grub is a student favourite. For drinks that offer deals on selected spirits for those looking to take their night out a step further.

Location: The location of this pub is again ideal for students looking for a key contender for their pub crawl. Located right next to Edinburgh Castle, this pub is right next door to all the best attractions and other hospitality locations for a night of non-stop fun before you stumble back to your student rooms in Edinburgh.

The Oz Bar

Perhaps not explicitly a pub (but a student favourite), The Oz Bar is a unique pub that brings the flair of Australia right into the heart of Edinburgh. With the decor and cuisine reflecting the distinctive Aussie culture, students flock to this bar for a taste of the outback. If you are into sports, the Oz Bar is a great location to watch all anticipated games with friends, especially Australian ones. 

The Aussie-inspired menu features some unique beers, wine and can cocktails that typically can only be found in the country itself, not to mention the Aussie-inspired cuisine featuring meat pies and other Aussie pub grub. For students, the atmosphere is very chilled out, perfect for meeting with friends somewhere you can discuss the upcoming year of studies!

Price: The Oz Bar doesn’t offer student-specific discounts to our knowledge; however, their pricing is known to be considerably lower than those situated within this same bustling area. 

Location: Situated on the corner of ‘Candlemaker Row’, The Oz Bar is in a prime location for bar hopping, and, of course, makes the perfect day finisher after spending the day exploring Edinburgh’s old town.

The Argyle and Cellar Bar

Located in Edinburgh’s vibrant Marchmont area, The Argyle and Cellar Bar is a favourite amongst locals and students alike. Offering live music entertainment and heated outdoor seating, this hybrid bar/pub is the ideal place for students looking for a location that has it all. Did we mention that they also welcome dogs, meaning you might be in for some entertainment from four-legged friends while enjoying a refreshing pint? It is also conveniently located near the University of Edinburgh, so it comes as no surprise that students gather here to make memories together.

Price: Due to the location, the prices here are somewhat steeper than at other more student-focused bars. Nevertheless, the value you get for money here is why so often students come to enjoy their night in the iconic environment.

Location: A little further past the Meadows, The Argyle and Cellar Bar isn’t in Edinburgh’s busiest locations, but it is still within walking distance from the University. 

The Tron

This student-friendly pub is certainly not one to be missed. Located in the iconic Hunter Square, The Tron is a traditional pub with a modern twist, offering the most comforting selection of pub meals in addition to all of the draft beer you would dream of having in a pub in Edinburgh. The stunning architecture that surrounds the pub makes for a great view on your way to and from the location, no matter how boozy you are feeling!

Price: The Tron’s prices are known to be very reasonable, especially for your average struggling student!

Location: The Tron is technically located in Edinburgh’s old town, meaning you have access to the very best bars and pubs the city offers just a short walk away.

To Conclude

Overall, Edinburgh has some of the best pubs and bars for an unforgettable student night out, whether you have student accommodation in Edinburgh already or are looking to get the full UK student experience in some of the best student life areas. Whether you are looking to plan a pub crawl route or simply looking for a location to rehydrate after a day of sightseeing, pubs in Edinburgh have something for all students, no matter what you love to drink.

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