Explore Manchester’s Live Music Scene and Open Mics For New Artists

Explore Manchester’s Live Music Scene and Open Mics For New Artists

Explore Manchester’s Live Music Scene and Open Mics For New Artists

Explore Manchester’s Live Music Scene and Open Mics For New Artists

As a local to the one and only best city in the United Kingdom, Manchester! I can give you a complete rundown of some of the best live music scenes and opportunities for you to have a go at being the centre of the stage. Picking your student accommodation in Manchester, you are spoilt for choice, and no matter how far away you are, whether you are in the student rentals in Fallowfield, you are always right on the doorstep of this city.

Call me biassed, but Manchester has to be one of the perfect-sized cities we have to offer, nothing is over a 20 to 25-minute walk away so you go from a live music bar to a live music bar in under an hour, maybe longer if you love to wear heels. But the best part is that all the best live music bars are relatively close together, the ones in the city centre anyway. This means you don’t have to walk far but you have your pick of the bunch.

So get your fancy shoes on, ID and leave your student accommodation in Manchester behind because you are able to head to some of the best live music venues in town. Let’s get into it.

186 Deangate

Deansgate might be on the slightly expensive side for students but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a boujee night out with the girls. Even if it’s for one or two, you can just sit and unwind by listening to local artists sing some of the best music. From ‘The Feel Good Choir’ to multiple solo artists taking the stage, you also have a highly skilled saxophone player who will transport you back in time.

The bar itself is extremely fancy and has been a loved place of Manchesters because it’s the only one of its kind. Each seat is perfectly designed, both facing the direction of the stage. The decor itself is supposed to transport you back to the 1960s, and it does exactly that. 

You can still have a dance if you wish they had a section for you girls and guys right in front of the stage but don’t worry, they don’t block the stage and you can interact with some of the acts.

Matt and Phreds

It’s one of my favourites because it’s a very happy bar that brings different kinds of people from all over Manchester. You get such a mixed crowd because of how amazing this place is. While you are still looking for your average Manchester price, they are quick at service, and there are many seats or standing areas for you to choose from.

Booking a table is also very easy, if you want a good table, doing it in advance is great. All their lineups are available on their website, and with live music Monday through Saturday, you are truly spoilt for choice on when to come. For those student offers, a midweek would be great, with the banks soaking up those two for one.

If you get peckish, don’t worry; they offer pizza until roughly 8 p.m., so you can enjoy some wholesome food while listening to some great live music. What more could you ask for in Manchester?

Band On The Wall

This is where things get interesting; they have everything from small-time performers to slam poetry nights. You have a mixed back with Band On The Wall, which is a very student-friendly bar. If you are looking to take centre stage, you might have a good chance of getting here. You can pitch your idea and talent and see how they get back to you. You are again looking to spend your classic Manchester prices but it’s all worth it for the atmosphere you are getting from Band On The Wall.

Blues Kitchen

Talking about great music, vibes and music, how could we forget about Blue Kitchen? Just a short walk away from 186 Deansgate, you’ve got Blues Kitchen, which is on two floors. You can book a table and enjoy some insanely good food, I would recommend the chicken and the cheeseburger! And after that, you can decide to stay downstairs and enjoy some more intimate music while sitting with your friends or you have to go upstairs, which is more active in terms of crowd and a passionate band, which is absolutely such a great atmosphere for students.

I will warn you that it can get pretty hot up there so breathers downstairs or near the bar would be advised nonetheless. You can get such a mixed bag here and have two completely different and unique nights out, which I really like about Blues Kitchen.

They also sometimes have acts that you have to book to see so make sure you always check ahead of time just in case and avoid any disappointment when it comes to finding a spot in Manchester to spend the night away.

The Fitzgerlad

A hidden gem, The Fitzgerald has a mesmerising atmosphere, beautiful decor, and a retro feel.

It is the Northern Quarter’s version of the Great Gatsby, and it won the coveted Design My Night Award for Best Cocktail Bar. The Fitzgerald embraces mystery in classic prohibition-era style, with its shady entrance on a quiet street and its dimly lit interiors adding to the atmosphere of mystery.

Perfectly capturing the spirit of a traditional speakeasy, complete with retro décor and glassware from the 1920s, it’s well-known for its delicious cocktails and upbeat music selection. Their open mic night on Wednesdays brings the theatre to life with the captivating sounds of local jazz and blues performers, lasting well into the early hours, which you students love to hear.

The Freemount

Right in the heart of the northern quarter, The Freemount is a vibrant venue that features live music every night of the week. It also helps that Freemount is definitely one of the hotspots in Manchester right now so I would be shocked if you didn’t already know about this little number!

Every Thursday night, there’s live music with classic tunes; you may even request your own songs. DJs play later to extend the celebration into the night. Be sure to put on your best cargo pants and enjoy your night!

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