10 Best Night Clubs in New York

10 Best Night Clubs in New York

10 Best Night Clubs in New York

10 Best Night Clubs in New York

The city that never sleeps could not receive this title if it did not offer tourists and residents an excellent nightlife. On our list are the best night clubs in New York for you to have fun until dawn.

When the sun goes down and the city lights start to gain greater brightness through the streets, you can feel the hustle of bars, pubs and night clubs in New York. Nightlife in New York is known worldwide . Here, the best DJs in the world seek space to make the ballads shake with the sound of the pickups.

In addition, nightclubs in New York are always looking for their own style. Nothing from a bland impersonal atmosphere, when the club in New York opts for luxury, you can expect a truly luxurious atmosphere. But there are night clubs in New York that also opt for an alternative climate, pop, rock, classic, whatever your musical style, your tribe or your beach, here it is impossible not to find a good party in New York.

Like any metropolis, you need to know where to go, what time, how to go and what to wear. Knowing which clubs in New York are IN and which are OUT is not easy. But Loving New York brought you all the tips so you don’t mess up the New York night and enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow.

Top 10 Night Clubs in New York City(NYC)

1Oak – Celebrity’s nightclub in New York

1oak night club in new york

1 Oak belongs to the list of super exclusive NY night clubs in New York. Anyone who manages to get past security and enter can brag to friends and upload photos from this New York nightclub to social media. Of course, you can’t count a penny inside this club in NYC and be prepared that the price of drinks is a little salty. (But once in a lifetime we deserve it right). The decor of this New York nightclub is incredible. Many models, young entrepreneurs (successful, of course) and celebrities celebrate here.

1Oak is known for its celebrity guest list and parties after the city’s major events, such as the after-Fashion Week party or MTV award show. Disguise if you run into Leonardo Dicaprio, Beyoncé or Jay-Z. This club in New York will be marked in your life. Check out this exclusive New York nightclub’s website.

1oak night clubs in new york

Music Type: House, Charts, Hip Hop & R’n’b

Dresscode: “Sexy and grown” – Sneakers, sandals and flats are not allowed.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 23:00 – 4:00

Address: 453 W 17th Street, Chelsea.

Prices: depending on the day. Very complicated entry without indication of a promoter in New York. Reports from many readers who waited in line and did not enter the club.

Marquee – A historic night club in New York

Marquee Night Club in New York

The Marquee club already has history. It closed in 2012, which was considered a shock to all New York partygoers. Marquee has always belonged to the New York clubbing scene. It has been completely renovated and more than $3.5 million has been invested in the new structure.

In 2013, the Marquee was officially reopened. Here, going through the security guards at the entrance can also be complicated, but nothing like high heels, a well-pressed shirt, that perfume and a smile that says: “Do you know who you’re talking to?” don’t solve. Unaccompanied men generally do not enter. So, if you’re alone, do what any Indian anywhere in the world would do: Amigos in the party line. Just visit their website to get an idea of ​​how sensational the club turned out to be .

Marquee Night Clubs in New York

Type of music : Wednesday and Friday: Underground House & Saturday: Commercial house.

Dresscode: “Upscale and trendy” – No shorts and caps for men and sexy and elegant women.

Opening hours : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 23:00 – 4:00.

Address : 289 10th Avenue, West Chelsea

Website: http://marqueeny.com/

Prices: Tickets between US$ 20 and US$ 40. Drinks around US$ 20 – 25 per drink. Buying in advance as much as possible, arriving early can bring luck, but arriving late with just the name on the list.

Lavo Nightclub – Dinner + Night clubs in NYC in the same place

Lavo Night Club in New York

LAVO is a nightclub in New York City that is located in the Meatpacking District. It has been around for over 20 years, and it has become one of the most popular nightclubs in town. Celebrities come here to party with their friends and enjoy some great music by DJs like A-Trak or Carl Cox. The club has a large dance floor with both indoor and outdoor spaces where people can dance all night long!

Lavo clubs in Midtown East are known for their renowned rooftop Italian restaurant. After a wonderful dinner, guests head to the club in the same building. There, what awaits you is a super modern club with enormous technology in terms of music and acoustics. Here, the best House&Electro DJs have played and still play. Definitely one of the best night clubs in New York.

Lavo Night Clubs in New York

Music Type : House

Dresscode :No sneakers, flat shoes and very elegant.

Opening hours : Thursday to Saturday from 23:00 – 4:00

Address: 39 E 58th Street in Midtown East

Website: http://lavony.com/

Prices: Tickets between US$ 20 and US$ 40. Drinks around US$ 20 – 25 per drink. Buying in advance as much as possible, arriving early can bring luck, but arriving late with just the name on the list.

Cielo – The club in New York for electronic music fans

Cielo Night Club in New York

Electronic music fans already have a sacred place in New York: Cielo. For 12 years, the club has been strengthening its name in the New York nightclub scene. Here, the club doesn’t care so much about the celebrities on the guest list, but about the best DJs who run the parties. Luciano, David Guetta and Sven Vath have played here. See some more of these clubs in NYC.

Cielo Night Clubs in New York

Type of music :House, Deep-House, Tech-House, Trance, Techno & Electro

Dresscode: Cool casual

Opening hours : Monday, Wednesday to Saturday from 10pm to 4am, Tuesday and Sunday depending on the scheduled events.

Address: 18 Little W. 12th Street im Meatpacking District

Prices: Tickets between US$ 20 and US$ 30. Drinks around US$ 15 – 20 per drink. For some events it is possible to buy in advance, for other events the ticket sale is only on site.

Le Bain – NYC nightclub at a good price and great music

Le Bain Night Club in New York

OK, you’ve already traveled to New York, already booked your hotel and you can’t go clubbing like your credit card bill will never arrive, right?! Already understood!

Le Bain in the Meatpacking District is the #peopleasagent club. Here, the music plays on the terrace of the Stardart hotel, on the 18th floor. The club is very popular with locals and tourists and is also on the list of the best clubs in New York.

At this club you don’t have to pay admission and for a very tasty cocktail, you will pay about 12 dollars. You can have one of those nights here, without having to eat instant noodles for the rest of the trip to save money. In addition to good music, the club offers a beautiful 360° view of New York. In the summer, it’s worth getting there even earlier to enjoy the pools that turn this New York nightclub into a Pool-Party. Know more of this nightclub in New York.

Le Bain Night Clubs in New York

Music Type :House

Dresscode: Chic & Stylish, no sneakers.

Opening hours : Rooftop: Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 4am. Sunday from 2pm to 2am & Monday from 2pm to midnight. Le Bain Club: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am and Sunday from 4 pm to 2 am.

Address: 848 Washington Street im Meatpacking District

Prices: Most of the time you don’t need to enter. Drinks around $15 – 20 per drink. A more relaxed place and not so fancy.

Catch Rooftop

With capacity for just 200 people, Catch offers customers a sophisticated atmosphere. With an immense view of the city that leaves anyone breathless, the Catch is a great restaurant during the day and at night it offers excellent cocktails and great music. Don’t forget to make a reservation to get in or make sure you arrive surrounded by models, otherwise the exclusive lounge is inaccessible. Check out more of this nightclub in NYC on the official website.

Type of music :Hip-Hop, Most Played on Radio & House

Dresscode: Modern & sexy without being vulgar.

Opening hours : Monday, Wednesday to Saturday from 10pm to 4am, Tuesday and Sunday depending on the scheduled events.

Address: 21 9th Avenue, on the corner of 13th Street, in the Meatpacking District

Avenue New York

Technology and innovation describe Avenue Newyork well. This nightclub in New York is considered one of the most modern because of the incredible system of lights and sound that can be modified for each party. This New York nightclub promises visitors an unforgettable night and great treatment (which is already a differential in the city’s nightlife). During the entire week, you have event options. Here, Marc Jacobs and Kim Kardashian have already celebrated. Find out more about this modern nightclub in New York on the official website.

Type of music :Hip-Hop, Most Played on Radio & House

Dresscode: Sexy and trendy

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday.

Address: 4116 10th Avenue corner and 17th Street, Chelsea.

PHD Lounge

The New York nightclub with sophistication. At PHD, you can enjoy the club all week long. The PHD is also on the terrace and, like Le Bain, has fantastic views of New York. You can dance watching the skyline towards the Empire State Building. Here the target audience is more the people of Wall Street who enjoy their private parties admiring the Manhattan landscape. The decor of the PHD is reminiscent of a penthouse from the 80s, in the style in which New York used to rock (and still rock) on club nights. See more about the New York nightclub, PHD Lounge.

Music Type : Commercial House

Dresscode: “Downtown Chic”

Opening hours : Mon-Fri: 10:00pm – 4:00am, Sat: 05pm-04am, Sun: 5:30pm–12am

Address: 355 West 16th Street, Chelsea

Black Flamingo Nightclub in New York

Black Flamingo Night Club in New York

Located in Williamsburg , Brooklyn, Black Flamingo is a nightclub for people who enjoy the more alternative scene. In fact, this place was made so that the club doesn’t look like a party, so much so that if you search for it on the internet, the description will often be of a Latin-inspired vegetarian bar from the 70’s, which It’s not a lie. However, it has a dance floor with a capacity of 70 people in the basement, which is the highlight of Black Flamingo. There, the DJs keep the crowd excited all night long with a mix of house and alternative music.

Black Flamingo Night Clubs in New York

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 18:00 to 00:00 and from Thursday to Saturday from 18:00 to 04:00;

Address: 168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn;

Dress Code: Casual Dress

Phone Number: +1 201-515-5719

Website: https://www.blackflamingonyc.com/

Values: Meals range from 3 to 17 dollars. The entrance to the basement will cost you around 10 dollars.

Tips for partying in New York

  • Night clubs in New York, only if you were over 21 years old. (No exceptions, sorry!)
  • The prices aren’t that friendly, so find out how much that cocktail at the bar costs beforehand so you don’t have a scare when you pay.
  • The bouncers aren’t that friendly. Play cool, try to be as friendly as possible and avoid arguments.
  • Image here CAN be everything. Dress well, because with those shorts or sneakers, you might not go to many clubs in New York.
  • Wait for the weekend? Not at night clubs in New York! Here you can have a good night out during the week too.

Enjoy the night!

If you’re looking for the best nightlife in New York, then look no further than this list of the best night clubs and bars. These are all places where people go out to have a good time, whether it’s with friends or family members. You’ll find everything from classic rock venues to hipster-filled lounges and even some pretty wild parties are thrown by artists who want their music heard by as many people as possible.

If you’re new to NYC, we recommend starting off at one of these clubs so that you can get an idea of what goes down on any given night—and then making sure to check back here often so that we can update this article next week!


If you want to get the party started on a Friday night, New York City is the place. There are so many options for nightlife in New York and I’m sure that you will find one that suits your needs. If you have any questions about what clubs or bars are good for dancing all night long (or just a few hours), feel free to leave me a comment below! Happy Friday everyone!

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