Nightlife in Dublin: Top 10 clubs and pubs in Dublin

Nightlife in Dublin: Top 10 clubs and pubs in Dublin

Nightlife in Dublin: Top 10 clubs and pubs in Dublin

Nightlife in Dublin: Top 10 clubs and pubs in Dublin

Known for its lively nightlife even in winter, Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a favorite destination for those who want to enjoy a traditionally Irish night out. The city’s fame for Irish pubs and high quality beers attract tourists from all over the world who want to experience nightlife in Dublin.

But it’s not just Irish pub and tradition that Dublin lives on. In fact, nightlife in Dublin is quite diverse, with parties of all kinds to suit all tastes.

That’s why today I’m going to write a script and give you great tips so you don’t get lost, and enjoy the nightlife in Dublin a lot and get to know places that go beyond the classic and tourist pubs.

Nightlife in Dublin: 10 Best Clubs and Pubs in Dublin

Nightlife in Dublin
Nightlife in Dublin

To start your Dublin nightlife itinerary, nothing better than doing a top 10 night clubs and pubs in Dublin for you to already have an idea of ​​what the city looks like at night.

1. Pygmalion

Pygmalion had to come first because it ‘s one of those places that is everything at once. Pub, club and even restaurant. Located right in the center of the city, Pygmalion is a cool, modern place and has the craziest drinks on its menu. On weekdays these drinks are discounted, two are for the price of one, €13. The price is a little steep, but well worth checking out.


Powerscourt Townhouse, S William St, Dublin 2

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 12:00 PM – 03:00 AM

Sundays 12:00 PM – 01:30 AM


2. Bad Bobs Temple Bar

Bad Bobs Temple Bar Dublin

Located in the Temple Bar area, this bar escapes a little from the tourist vibe even though it is in the most tourist spot in the city. A pub/club with even a saxophonist, Bad Bobs is a great place for those days when you’re not so excited for a big party, but still want to enjoy a nice place.

Address: 35-37 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 Y891, Ireland

Phone Number: +35316778860

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed: 5pm–1:30am

Thu: 5pm–2:30am, Fri: 4pm–2:30am

Sat: 3pm–2:30am, Sun: 3pm–1:00am


3. The Workman’s Club

The perfect place if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Dublin, listening to a lot of alternative indie music.

With an underground vibe and a lot of Radiohead and The Velvet Undergound, The Working Man’s is that ballad that everyone sings along to the songs. Located in the center of the city, the place is extremely charming and even has a hamburger shop inside, so you don’t even have to go out to eat if you get hungry in the middle of the party.

Night Tip

Wednesday has the most famous party in the house, Somewhere (arriving before midnight there is no admission fee, other days admission is free all night)! And Sunday has KARAOKE!!


10 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35316706692

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 05:00pm-03:00am

Sun: 05:00pm-01:00am


4. The South William

The South William is very close to Pygmalion, with a very different musical style mixing minimalist electronic music and alternative music, The South William is a super cool and modern place in Dublin.

Address: 52 William St S, Dublin 2

5. Wheelan’s

For those who watched the movie ‘PS. Eu Te Amo’ going to this pub will be an even more beautiful experience. Whelan’s , a pub where the main playlist is live acoustic folk music in Dublin, nothing more romantic. It’s worth seeing a show in this pub and taking lots of pictures too, the place is very charming and vintage.

Address: 25 Wexford St, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35314780766

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 5pm–1:30am

Fri-Sat: 5pm–2:30am

Sun: 5pm–1am


6. Button Factory

Button Factory is a show house, and is known for hosting electronic music DJs. The parties at the Button Factory are incredible, but the price of admission is a little more expensive, on average 20€ (remembering that the price depends on the show). Located in the Temple Bar area, for those who enjoy quality sound and a space that looks like a nightclub, this is the place.

Address: Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35316709202


Early Bookings:

Late Booking:


7. Copper Face Jacks

With an entrance fee of 10€, Copper Face Jacks is undoubtedly the favorite spot for the Irish. A ballad that plays songs from the 2000s and with a more pop vibe. The best part of this party is open until 6am, which is a rarity here in Dublin.

Address: 29-30 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35314255300


Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 9pm–2:30am

Sundays: 9pm–1am


8. Café en Seine

cafe en seine dublin

For those who want to enjoy Dublin’s nightlife in a more chic way, Café en Seine is a great place and, amazingly, it’s super affordable! Admission is free and the only thing required is to be well dressed, but you also don’t need to wear a long dress or suit, just a dressier outfit. Drinks are averagely priced (expensive for Dublin anyway). It is worth living this experience at least once.

PS: This is without a doubt the place with the public of the most varied ages, and the most played musical style is pop music of the moment.

Address: 40 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35316774567


Opening Hours: Sun-Wed: 11:30am–11:30pm

Thu: 11:30pm–1:30am, Fri-Sat: 11:30am–2:30am


9. The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse is a great choice for those who like to enjoy the night listening to classic rock’n’roll live. Having a very central location, in the Temple Bar area, this pub has absurd sound equipment (prepare your ears) and has an extremely lively crowd.

Weakness: closes relatively early; around 2 am on the weekend.

Address: 16-18 Parliament Street, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35316798847


Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 2pm–12am

Fri-Sat: 1pm–2am, Sundays:1–11:30pm


10. The Bernard Shaw

To enjoy the nightlife in Dublin early because The Bernard Shaw closes very early (midnight and a half on weekends). Anyway, this pub had to be on the list because in addition to being one of the favorites of young Irish people, it also has an unusual atmosphere with a “beer garden” (a garden where you can sit and drink with friends) and even an Italian pizzeria inside, and soooo graffiti (great for taking lots of concept photos).

My tip: visit The Bernard Shaw in the afternoon and I’m sure you won’t want to leave until it closes.

Address: Cross Guns Bridge, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, Ireland

Phone Number: +35319060218


Opening Hours: Mon-Wed: 12–11:30pm, Thu: 12pm–12:30am

Fri-Sat: 12pm–2:30am, Sundays: 12pm–12:30am


Opening hours and some tips for having fun in Dublin

Unfortunately, pubs and clubs close around 3:00 am, 3:30 am, which for people is extremely early.

This was always something that bothered me a lot here, but I’m over it.

Do like the Irish

Start the party early, because 7 pm will already have people partying in the streets and pubs. So, to enjoy the nightlife in Dublin, do as the Irish do: party at any time of day and go until the party is over.

Allowed Age

Irish law allows for ages 18 and up. However, I confess that most pubs only accept people over 21, especially on Friday and Saturday, the busiest days.

Pygmalion, for example, only allows entry from 21 years old.

drinking is expensive

And the price of the drink is pretty steep. If you are an admirer of drinks, know that this habit here is expensive. To give you an idea, all the places I mentioned in the top 10 have drinks costing a minimum of 5 euros and an average of 6-8 euros per drink (the price depends on the drink as well).

It is forbidden to drink on the street

In addition to the above-average priced drink, in Dublin it is also forbidden to drink on the street. So, my tip is: warm up at home before going to clubs if money is tight.

Good and Cheap Bars in Dublin

In addition to the TOP 10, I will mention some good and famous places for being cheaper than the ones above!

1. Dicey’s Garden

dicey’s garden club dublin

The Irish hotspot in Dublin is also the cheapest nightclub in the city. With drinks at 2 euros, Dicey’s Garden, is the face of nightlife in Dublin and conquers everyone with a night filled with music of all genres from pop to funk. Be sure to arrive early to avoid paying admission and be prepared: Dicey’s is very crowded, even on weekdays.

Address: 21-25 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35314784066


Opening Hours:


2. Whoolshed Baa & Grill (Australian)

This Australian pub/restaurant has also become a darling of people, because on Wednesdays they have a pagode and funk night that fills the house. Famous for its Dublin Blue beer with a pitcher (2L) costing €10, Whoolshed (affectionately called Australian) had to be on this list. A good choice for those who want to enjoy the nightlife in Dublin, but listening to music on Wednesdays.

Address: The Parnell Centre, 198-200 Parnell St, Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Phone Number: +35318724325


Opening Hours:


3. O’Reilley’s Pub

Located under a train station, O’Reilly’s is that “secret pub” tip for those who want to have a traditional Irish pub experience and enjoy medieval architecture, without spending too much, and away from touristy pubs. A pitcher of Heineken costs 11€ and I highly recommend trying the O’Reilly’s menu, because the food is super cheap and everything is delicious.

Address: Tara Street Station, Poolbeg St, Dublin 2

Phone Number: +35316716769


Opening Hours:


Most traditional pubs in Dublin

I understand that even now you have a lot of tips about the nightlife in more modern Dublin that you want to spend at least a day going to more traditional pubs.

Temple Bar Area

Temple Bar Area Dublin

The most touristy area of ​​Dublin, famous for the traditional pub that bears the same name as the area, The Temple Bar Pub . The Temple Bar area is a central area and is the north of Dublin nightlife, it seems the party starts there. But with a few exceptions (many cited in the top 10), pubs in this area are often insanely expensive and extremely crowded.

But as it is a tourist spot, I recommend going to know the area! Go, take lots of pictures or spend early evening to enjoy a little and then leave for another place where you can enjoy it better.

Oliver St. John Gogarty’s

A tip for a traditional place to visit in the Temple Bar area is Oliver St. John Gogarty’s , where you can listen to high-quality classical Irish music and see Irish dance performances.

Address: 2 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Phone Number: +35316711822


Opening Hours:


And now that the party is over?

Nothing worse than leaving the club and not having a restaurant open for you to eat that after-party snack. And since Dublin is a city where shops close early, these tips will be very helpful!

In Dublin, in addition to the classic McDonald’s and Burger King that fill up after the party, it is also possible to find open cafeterias that sell kebabs and hamburgers very cheaply.

Eating a kebab (a typical Middle Eastern dish, which is the biggest hit in Europe after the club) is my tip to really close your night in Dublin on a high note. 🙂

What do you think? Are you going to know one or all of the ballads? I hope you enjoy Dublin Nightlife as much as I do.


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